The New Album

We have been writing and rehearsing some new material for quite a while now, and we feel it is about time we started to record some of our new tunes.

Throughout the process we have recorded a select few bass and guitar lines just to mess around with them and to keep them fresh in our memory. We’ve got a few songs ready and the rest will likely come out in the recording process. We have more ideas for songs than we know what to do with, and in fact the biggest problem is usually focusing them all in one direction, when we know how many conflicting ways we would like to take it.

In addition to all that, we have already recorded a dark, acoustic song titled “Things You’ll Never Know,” which was probably finished about four months ago (yes, we’ve been dragging our feet a bit.) Look for more updates in the coming weeks and months.


Introducing Johnny Cottonwoods & the New Nightmares!

Hello everyone,

I have updated the “About” section to give some general information about the band and how its was formed. If you are interested in learning more about that, please check out that section.

I wanted to say that we are currently in the process of recording some new songs and releasing a CD hopefully sometime within the next year with some new tracks. We have not recorded a CD since 2001, when we were Pendulum, and I believe the album we are currently recording will be a big step up.

We do not have a full albums worth of songs and are therefore currently on a journey of discovering our sound, which has endless influences. I think we’re making good progress because we are being more selective of the material we record than we have been in the past. We are really only recording the songs that we really like. So, it might take a little longer for the finished product to come out, but I believe it will be better off in the long run. We probably have five or six songs at the moment that we have recorded some tracks on.

More news coming when something newsworthy happens. I will try to update this throughout the recording/writing process.